Bazooka Power Supply

  1. General Details

    Bazooka Power Supply is a power supply for tattoo machines (coil or rotary), tested and certified in Italy.
    Made with aluminium shell and non-slip base and provided with easy reading and high reliability OLED display. The display is inclined in order to allow a proper reading of its parameters during its use. It can be easily covered with cling film (it has no handles) as to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.
    The voltage (0-18V) is shown on the display central line and expressed in decimals.
    It can be increased (+) or decreased (-) through the VOLTAGE buttons.
    The adjustment is of 1 decimal with a single press or 5 decimals with long press.

    The power supply can store 4 programs. By the long press of the OPTIONS buttons you can store the program’s favourite Voltage. The change of the program can be made by touching the number of the chosen program.
    The storage is made by a long press of the same button.

  2. Functions

    Timer function:
    The timer is shown on the display first line and it is expressed in hours, minutes and seconds.
    It can be started by touching the TIMER button and stopped by pressing again the same button.
    The reset is made by a long press of the TIMER button.

    Continuous Function:
    The Continuous function is shown on the display second line by a “C” on the right side.
    It can be started by a long press of the CONTINUOUS button. Through the Continuous function the dermograph is activated by the first press of the pedal until a new press is made.

  3. Technical characteristics

    Input voltage: 100-230V
    Output voltage: 0-18V (digital adjustment). Tolerance ±10%
    Maximum output electricity: 2A

  4. Conformity

    Mark: ce2

  5. Documents